8/15/2016 - Information on Natural Occurring Asbestos (NOA) in Southern Nevada

Current information by the Southern Nevada Health District: 
     Natural Occuring Asbestos in Southern Nevada

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) researchers Brenda Buck and Rod Metcalf recently published an article related to Natural Occurring Asbestos in the Boulder City, Southeast Henderson, and the Colorado River Black Canyon areas.  Naturally occurring asbestos occurs in rocks and soils as a result of natural geological processes and is found in many states west of the Rockies.

Currently, UNLV researchers have identified Actinolite asbestos in the rocks and soils however, there is still much that is unknown about the extent of the volcanic parent rock sources and amounts, as well as the potential health effects of these minerals.  Additional research by UNLV is ongoing to learn more about all of these items.

Until further studies are completed the public should not panic but be aware and exercise common sense towards minimizing dust emissions to the air.  To minimize exposure it is important to keep soil disturbance in these areas to a minimum by limiting dust generating activities, to use water or other methods to prevent dust entrainment into the air and to stabilize soil, and avoid exposure to blowing dust.  The public needs to be informed and advised that further study is necessary to fully evaluate the extent of natural asbestos occurrence in the area.  The discovery of natural occurring asbestos is not unique to Southern Nevada.  Many western states identified naturally occurring asbestos in the 90s and worked with federal, state, and local partners to advise the public on methods to prevent asbestos exposures.

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