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Thursday, January 29, 2015
Animal Control: Services
Barking Dogs 

Noise Annoyance

Noisy animals are misdemeanor violations which if witnessed by an animal control officer may result in the issuance of a citation and criminal prosecution of the owner.

Should an animal control officer issue a citation for a noisy animal the complainant's name will be listed on the citation as the affected party and you will be required to testify in court to the habitual nature of the noise. This is also why we suggest that you speak to these parties and try to work together as neighbors before filing a noisy animal complaint. We would suggest that you try to resolve this with your neighbors. It is only with your cooperation a case can go forward towards resolution. 

If Animal Control is unable to witness the violation the complaint will be forwarded to the Neighborhood Justice Center for mediation. Should mediation fail to resolve the problem you will be provided with a District Attorney's packet. In most cases a letter is sent by the District Attorney's office prior to filing a criminal complaint to bring this matter into court. This process also requires the corroboration of two neighbors to process the criminal complaint.