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Friday, November 27, 2015
Public Response Office: Services
Graffiti Education 

Did you know that graffiti is the single most destructive property crime in Southern Nevada and across the nation?  Did you know "Taggers" who leave their mark in paint on everything from freeway overpasses and street signs to park benches and houses cause millions of dollars in property damage every year? 

The Graffiti Abatement Program promotes activities which educate young people about the negative impacts of graffiti on our community and provides two main services to the community.

Graffiti Hotline

In order to increase the effectiveness of the Graffiti Abatement Program, Clark County created the Southern Nevada Graffiti Hotline. The Southern Nevada Graffiti Hotline was a joint venture with other local entities. If a citizen spots graffiti on a wall, utility pole, bridge, etc., they are encouraged to call the Southern Nevada Graffiti Hotline at (702) 455-4509. These graffiti reports are then forwarded to the appropriate entity for abatement.

Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition (SNGC)

The Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition (SNGC) was formed in 1997 to reduce graffiti vandalism. The joint venture consists of staff from Clark County, The Cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Clark County School District, Boulder City and the Metropolitan Police Department. The Coalition meets regularly to discuss methods of reducing graffiti through education, enforcement and eradication.

What You Can Do To Help

If you know of people in your school or neighborhood who tag, report them right away. You'll be doing an important service for your community, and a favor to the taggers by helping them overcome a destructive habit.

For store owners or managers who sell spray paint, we provide the following signs to alert customers that spray paint must be locked up.

Spray Paint Lock Up Sign (English)

Spray Paint Lock Up Sign (Spanish)