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Saturday, November 28, 2015
Bad Driving


Whether you're a rush-hour commuter or a daily errand runner, you don't have to live in Clark County long to feel the effect of our growing population on the valley's roadways. More than 100 cars are added to our streets and highways every day. Every year the number of crashes that occur in the valley also increases, often with tragic consequences. We believe our community can do better. That's why Clark County has teamed up with several partners to launch this special website section as part of a driver safety public service campaign.     

Partners include Clark County Public Works and Traffic School, Metro, Nevada Highway Patrol, the Department of Motor Vehicles, UNLV, the Regional Transportation Commission, and the cities of Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas. Our campaign slogan -  Bad Driving/How's Your Driving? -  is meant to encourage all drivers to think about their own driving behavior and what they can do to help make our roads safer.     

As part of the campaign, Clark County Television (CCTV) Channel 4 produced public service announcements featuring real drivers who agreed to participate because they hope their stories might inspire all of us to pay closer attention to our own driving. What the local motorists in these 30-second messages have in common is each made a mistake while driving that resulted in an accident. The mistakes they made are some of the most common causes of accidents on our roadways: distracted driving, running red lights or stop signs, or driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Few motorists consider themselves bad drivers, yet most of us admit there are times when we've made mistakes that either caused an accident or resulted in a close call.     

We hope this campaign reminds all drivers to think twice before doing anything that could result in injuries to themselves, their loved ones or someone else. This website section also includes a lot of information about safe driving that we hope you will find useful and educational. If we all try a little harder to put safety first when we drive, our entire community will benefit. 




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