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Thursday, April 17, 2014
Permit Issuance

Permit Issuance Requirements

If permit is issued to a contractor:

For a contractor to obtain a permit, he/she must have both a current Nevada State Contractor’s License and a current Clark County Business License.  When using a pre-printed company check, the company name must exactly match the name on the Contractor’s License.  If payment is to be made by other than by a pre-printed company check, the following is required:     

1. An original current State Contractor’s Card (not a facsimile or a copy) of the company licensed to pull the permit.         


2. A letter from the company licensed to pull the permit on company letterhead signed by a company principal or representative, listing the check number, the name of the company’s check being used and authorizing a specific person to pull the permit.  

If permit is issued to an owner/builder:     

1. Must pay with property owner’s personal check or cash, and will be required to complete an owner/builder affidavit to certify proof of ownership.         


2. If the owner is not able to come into our office to pick up the permit, he/she must submit a notarized letter authorizing a specific person to act on his behalf for the one-time issuance of the permit.  This authorizes the agent to sign all documents required for issuance of the permit.

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