PW Projects: Clark County 215 Beltway

BeltwayThe Bruce Woodbury Beltway continues to gain national and local recognition as an example of  innovative, proactive measures employed by Clark County to address the demands of explosive urban growth with the construction of a freeway facility funded primarily with local tax revenues.

A 53-mile stretch of roadway, the Beltway circles three-quarters of the Las Vegas valley to provide transportation mobility to one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas of the United States.  The flexibility of this project makes it unique in that originally, the beltway was to be built as a full freeway, incrementally, with an ultimate completion date of 2025. Due to the valley's population surge, an accelerated approach was adopted and the initial configuration of the Beltway, as the Clark County 215 limited access expressway, was completed in 2003.

The initial facility is comprised of frontage roads, partial freeway configurations, and an expandable four-lane highway.  The full-freeway design consists of a divided highway with grade-separated interchanges and cross streets.  Signalized intersections will occur only at interchanges.  The number of lanes built will depend upon current and future anticipated traffic volumes in each of the segments; however, a minimum of four lanes - two lanes in each direction was constructed with the initial configuration. 

Construction Continues: The Beltway Build-Out


2012 - 2013
As funding is available, Clark County Public Works continues the segment-by-segment build-out of the Bruce Woodbury Beltway to a full-freeway facility. Two Beltway improvement projects began in 2012 with anticipated substantial completion in 2014:

Northern 215 Beltway segment between Tenaya Way and east of Decatur Boulevard. The project, which should take about two years to complete, will widen CC-215 to four-lanes, build two new highway interchanges at Jones and Decatur boulevards and a new bridge to carry Bradley Road over the freeway.

Improvements to the Beltway are also be underway in the southern region of the valley with the 215 widening from I-15 to Windmill Lane. This project will provide one additional lane in each direction, auxilliary lanes and include the widening of 4 bridges over I-215 at Paradise Road, Warm Springs Road, Robindale Road and the Airport Connector.

Construction of the North 5th Street Interchange was completed in 2011. The project scope included roadway, bridge, drainage and utility improvements along the northern 215 Bruce Woodbury Beltway at the intersection of North 5th Street in North Las Vegas.

Completion of a build-out project on the highest point of the 215 Beltway improved it to full-freeway facility between Charleston Boulevard and Summerlin Parkway.  This section of the 215 was widened to six lanes with interchanges constructed  at Summerlin Pky, Far Hills Road and Lake Mead Boulevard to make a 33-mile stretch of nonstop freeway from U.S. 93/95 in Henderson to Lone Mountain Road in the northwest part of the valley.


A significant build-out project was completed in early 2009 which eliminated one of the beltway's "bottlenecks" and greatly enhanced the traffic flow in this area. The project widened the beltway to three travel lanes in each direction between I-15 and Decatur Boulevard. As part of this project, two bridge structures were also widened to accommodate the beltway's additional traffic capacity.


In the northern region of the valley, Phase 1 of the beltway's Decatur Boulevard to North 5th Street project was completed. This project featured the construction of the Aliante Parkway interchange as well as improvements to the beltway's mainline travel lanes and the future North 5th Street interchange.

Construction was completed on upgrades to the northwest segment of the beltway between Summerlin Parkway to Craig Road. The project consisted of widening the beltway one additional travel lane in each direction and constructing a grade- separated interchange at Cheyenne Avenue.

Construction was completed on upgrades to the beltway from Pecos Road to Stephanie Street. One additional travel lane and an auxiliary lane between interchanges were provided in each direction. Full-freeway improvements from Buffalo Drive to Sunset Road and from Sunset Road to Hualapai Way were also completed during the year. The community applauded these improvements as they could now travel the beltway from I-515 (US93/95) in Henderson, the southeast part of the valley to Far Hills Avenue in Summerlin, on the far west side, without being stopped by a traffic signal.

Construction was completed on Town Center Interchange, a $10 million single-point urban interchange, and the Alta Drive Bridge over the Beltway, a $2.2 million project primarily funded with contributions from the Coast Casinos. During that year, Nevada Department of Transporation also completed work on the interchange of the Beltway with the I-515 in the south east valley. Clark County Public Works assisted in design and funding efforts of this segment.