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Sunday, March 29, 2015
Sheriff Civil

Writ Of Execution: Personal Property (Vehicles, Equipment, etc.)

Items Required From Attorneys/Pro Pers:

  • Original Instructions to the Sheriff, must include complete service address, zip codes, debtors/counsel complete last known address, VIN #, license #, year, color, make, model, serial # or other identifying characteristics. Also, either a Certificate of Title or DMV Report (vehicles only).
  • Original Writ of Execution & 4 copies.
  • Notice of Execution (NRS 21.075)
  • 2 copies of Judgment
  • $400.00 deposit check payable to Clark County Sheriff, for towing and storage of the vehicle. (All other deposit amounts may vary depending on what type of property is being seized.) All personal property besides vehicles: You must call Sheriffs Civil Process Section prior to bringing in documents to arrange for an estimate for seizing and storing property.
  • Documents coming from out-of-state require $100.00 deposit. No personal checks accepted.