Safety and comfort in our parks is more than our goal, it’s our priority and we dedicate our law enforcement services to the visitors and families that come to use the facilities by providing the best public safety resources available.

Enjoy your visit!



To maintain an enjoyable, accessible and safe park system that promotes a strong sense of community through shared spaces and the experiences by the people it serves.


To protect our parks, recreation facilities and the people who come to enjoy them and provide a safe and accessible place for leisure-time activities.



Excellence Deliver the highest quality law enforcement services possible. 
Integrity Operate with an objective, honest and balanced perspective.
Service Be courteous, helpful and accessible to each other and the publlic we serve.
Collaboration Work in cooperation with all residents, communities and the public, as well as other jurisdictions.
Diversity Support and embrace the differences among the public we serve.
Dedication We are committed to getting the job done the right way and invite the public to partner with us to make the county park system the best in the nation.


  • Maintain a proactive approach toward preventing crime and providing a safe recreational atmosphere for the public to use and enjoy.
  • Maintain flexibility in our strategies so we can effectively identify and address crime trends that result in problem-solving solutions.
  • Promote public confidence and educate park users on their role and responsibilities in the proper detection, prevention and reporting of crime to the appropriate police services.
  • Maintain positive interaction with the public and a high degree of visibility throughout the entire park system.
  • Use partnerships with all other police jurisdictions to identify, evaluate and resolve crimes and problems collectively.
  • Evaluate, review and demand ethical and professional standards of police conduct, operations and services.
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