The Clark County Public Response Office (PRO) primarily addresses code violations and the removal of trash, debris, graffiti and illegal signs.

PRO partners with citizens to support their neighborhood beautification efforts in the unincorporated areas of Clark County.

Clark County codes are designed to protect and maintain the residential atmosphere of neighborhoods and to prevent unsafe or offensive uses of property, while promoting and maintaining the quality of life in our communities.

The list of code requirements outlines how to be a responsible property owner.   If you feel that your property and neighborhood is appropriate for a particular land use or activity prohibited by the code, you may apply for a Special Use Permit, Waiver of Standards, Variance or Zone Change depending on the circumstances.   The application must be submitted with a non-refundable fee to Current Planning and there is no guarantee of approval.   These requests are considered by the Planning Commission and may be appealed to the Board of County Commissioners. 



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