Clark County SWEPT (Solid Waste Environmental Protection Team) is a specialized anti-trash task force dedicated to protecting our environment and the health and safety of our community.
SWEPT is on the job to improve our neighborhoods and preserve the beauty of our desert lands by fighting illegal dumping and eliminating trash disposal violations which plague our roadways and alleyways.

Join the team and be a trash-buster!!

You can help our SWEPT team crack down on desert dumping and disposal.  Protect your neighborhood by reporting illegal dumping, junk cars or other unusual accumulations of trash and debris. Get involved in the health, beauty and safety of your community by starting or participating in a neighborhood clean-up! For more information on becoming a neighborhood steward contact (702) 455-4191.

The Solid Waste Environmental Protection Team is funded in part through a grant from the Republic Services of Southern Nevada.
The Public Response Office will assist the organizations and individuals in the pickup and disposal of the dumped materials that are collected from vacant publicly owned sites.

The Public Response Office will provide gloves and trash bags to organizations and individuals who want to participate. 

The Public Response Office routinely uses the efforts of community service workers to conduct monthly clean ups on desert parcels of land throughout the unincorporated areas of Clark County.

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