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The following is a listing of the County liaisons along with the Commission District, Town Advisory Boards, and Citizens Advisory Councils that the County liaison serves as a contact for. Additionally, city partnerships are listed, where applicable. 

For more information regarding a specific Town Advisory Board or a Citizens Advisory Council, please visit the TAB/CAC Towns​ page.

​District A- Commissioner Steve Sisolak

County Liaison:

Tiffany Hesser, tlh@ClarkCountyNV.gov


  • Phone (702) 455-7388, Fax (702) 455-3558


  • Address: Clark County Government Center, 500 South Grand Central Parkway, 6th Floor, Las Vegas, Nevada 89155




District A- Commissioner Steve Sisolak

County Liaison:

Dr. Brian Paulson, bkp@ClarkCountyNV.gov




District B- Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick

County Liaison:

Janice Ridondo, JRidondo@ClarkCountyNV.gov


  • Phone (702) 455-3504, Fax (702) 383-6041




District C- Commissioner Larry Brown

County Liaison:

Sue Baker, Sue.Baker@ClarkCountyNV.gov


  • Phone (702) 455-1900, Fax (702) 396-4274




District D- Commissioner Lawrence Weekly

County Liaison:

Kelly Benavidez, kdb@ClarkCountyNV.gov


  • Phone (702) 455-7277, Fax (702) 648-5387




District E- Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani

County Liaison:

Tamara Williams, tgw@ClarkCountyNV.gov


  • Phone (702) 455-0560, Fax (702) 455-8610




District F- Commissioner Susan Brager

County Liaison:

Michael Shannon, mds@ClarkCountyNV.gov


  • Phone (702) 455-8338, Fax (702) 367-1918

  • Address: Desert Breeze Community Center, 8275 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

  • Contact for Spring Valley Town Advisory Board



District G- Commissioner James B. Gibson

County Liaison:

Blanca Vazquez, bva@ClarkCountyNV.gov




District C- Commissioner Larry Brown
District F- Commissioner Susan Brager

County Liaison:

Meggan Holzer, MEGGAN@ClarkCountyNV.gov

  • Phone (702) 455-0341, Fax (702) 455-3558



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