Paradise Town Advisory Board


Meeting Location:                   Paradise Park Community Center

                                                4775 McLeod

                                                Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

                                                Meeting Location Map (Opens in Google Maps)

                                                Paradise Town Advisory Board Area Map


Meeting Time:                          7:00 p.m.

                                                Meetings are held Tuesdays, preceding the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.

                                                Please see the agendas listed below for specific dates.


Agenda Posting Locations:      Paradise Community Center, 4775 McLeod Drive

                                                Clark County Library, 1401 E. Flamingo Road

                                                Sunset Park, 2601 E. Sunset Road

                                                Fire Station 38, 1755 Silver Hawk Avenue

​​Meetings ​ ​ ​
​February 13, 2018​Agenda
​January 30, 2018​Agenda
​January 9, 2018Agenda​Audio
​December 26, 2017​Agenda​Meeting Canceled
​December 12, 2017AgendaAudio
​November 28, 2017Agenda​Minutes
​November 14, 2017​Agenda​MinutesAudio
​October 31, 2017​AgendaMinutes​Audio
​October 10, 2017AgendaMinutes​Audio
​September 26, 2017Agenda​MinutesAudio
​September 12, 2017​AgendaMinutesAudio
​August 29, 2017AgendaMinutes​Audio
​August 8, 2017​AgendaMinutes​Audio
​July 25, 2017Agenda​Minutes​Audio
​July 11, 2017​AgendaMinutesAudio
​June 27, 2017​Agenda​MinutesAudio
​June 13, 2017Agenda​Minutes​Audio
​May 30, 2017AgendaMinutesAudio
​May 9, 2017Agenda​MinutesAudio
​April 25, 2017Agenda​MinutesAudio
​April 11, 2017​AgendaMinutesAudio
​March 28, 2017​Agenda​MinutesAudio
​March 14, 2017AgendaMinutes​Audio

Board Members:                       Susan Philipp, Chair

                                                 Robert Orgill, Vice Chair

                                                 Jon K. Wardlaw

                                                 John Williams​

                                                 Bart Donovan


Secretary:                                 Maureen Helm, mhelmtab@gmail.com  

                                                  Phone (702) 606-0747, Fax (702) 643-0685


Commissioners:                        District A- S​teve Sisolak 
                                                 District E- Chris Giunchigliani
                                                 District F- Susan Brager 
                                                 District G- James Gibson​


County Liaison:                          Blanca Vazquez, BVA@ClarkCountyNV.gov  

                                                   Phone (702) 455—8531, (702) 436-1704


Bylaws:                                       Paradise Town Advisory Board Bylaws​

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