​Red Rock Citizens Advisory Council


Meeting Location:                   Blue Diamond Library

                                                14 Cottonwood Drive

                                                Blue Diamond, Nevada 89004

                                                Meeting Location Map (Opens in Google Maps)

                                                Red Rock Citizens Advisory Council Area Map


Meeting Time:                          7:00 p.m.

                                                There are regular meetings on the Wednesdays preceding the 1st Tuesday of the

                                                month. Additional special call meetings may be held as needed and announced 

                                                through the standard notification procedures. 

                                                Please see the agendas listed for specific dates.


Agenda Posting Locations:      Blue Diamond Library, 14 Cottonwood Drive

                                                Blue Diamond Post Office, 2 Diamond Street

                                                Blue Diamond Village Market

                                                Calico Basin Mailboxes

                                                Kulka Road Mailboxes

Note: Audio recordings only work with Internet Explorer 10 or higher. If you have questions regarding the audio recordings, please contact the County liaison(s) listed below. 

Meetings ​ ​ ​
​June 27, 2018
​May 30, 2018


​Meeting Canceled
​April 25, 2018




​March 28, 2018AgendaMinutesAudio
​February 28, 2018​AgendaMinutesAudio
​January 31, 2018AgendaMinutes​Audio
​November 29, 2017​Agenda​Meeting Canceled
​November 1, 2017AgendaMinutesAudio
​September 27, 2017AgendaMinutes​Audio

Council Members:                     Robert Matthews, Chair

                                                Pauline van Betten, Vice Chair

                                                Jeremy Jacobs

                                                Trent Billingsley

                                                Barbara Luke


Secretary:                                Cynthia Lippmann, lippmann.rrcac.sec@gmail.com  

                                                Phone (702) 875-2652


Commissioners:                       District C- Larry Brown

                                                District F- Susan Brager


County Liaison:                       Meggan Holzer, MEGGAN@ClarkCountyNV.gov

                                                Phone (702) 455-0341, Fax (702) 455-3558


Bylaws:                                    Red Rock Citizens Advisory Council Bylaws​

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