12/15/2016 - Permitting Application Advisory


Minimum Requirements for Submitting Applications

Implementation of a Checklist for Minimum Content to Accept Stationary Source Permit Applications

This Stationary Source Permitting Advisory is intended for all minor stationary sources in Clark County, NV, that are required to obtain and/or maintain a minor source permit.  This advisory applies to all minor stationary sources that will submit an application to the Clark County Department of Air Quality (DAQ) for a new or modified operation after January 1, 2017.

After that date, DAQ will only accept stationary source permit applications that contain all the items listed in the Stationary Source Permit Application Checklist, as applicable. DAQ will not accept applications that do not contain all the required information and payment of the application fee.    

If you have any questions regarding this change, or need more information, please contact our Small Business Assistance Program staff at (702) 455-5942.

Richard Beckstead, Permitting Manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Minor Stationary Source?

A minor stationary source is any building, structure, facility, or installation that emits or may emit any regulated air pollutant that has a potential to emit equal to or greater than the emission thresholds listed in Air Quality Regulation (AQR) 12.1.1(c). A minor stationary source is not required to obtain an "Authority to Construct" pursuant to AQR 12.4.3 or a Part 70 Operating Permit.


What is a Stationary Source Permit application?

A Minor Source Permit Application is an application that is used to obtain, renew or revise a Minor Source Permit.  Permits are issued to minor stationary sources in Clark County, NV. The requirements for obtaining a minor stationary source permit are listed in AQR 12.0 and 12.1.


As a Minor Stationary Source, what must I do?

Minor stationary sources submitting applications to DAQ for obtaining, renewing or revising a permit must include all the information on the Stationary Source Permit Application Checklist, as it applies to their operation. If deficiencies are identified during a screening of the application, the applicant must amend the application and return it to DAQ when the criteria of the checklist have been satisfied.


Where can I get a copy of the checklist?

The Stationary Source Application Checklist is listed with the applications and forms for stationary source permitting on DAQ's website.

Can my Stationary Source Permit application be deemed incomplete after it is accepted?

Yes, an application can be deemed incomplete even though it included the information listed in the checklist. The minimal requirements of the checklist ensures the application contains the information necessary to begin a technical analysis. During this analysis, more information may be necessary to fully evaluate the stationary source. An application may be deemed incomplete if more information is required after DAQ initiates a technical analysis.

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