Stationary Source Permitting

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Title V Application

Authority to Construct: Major Source

Minor Source Permit

    Permit Application Advisory

    Permit Application Checklist

Transfer of Ownership Change of Name

Portable Source Permit Move Notice

Emission Unit Worksheets

Asphalt Plant (SS-PER-011-01)  (Revised)

Boiler (SS-PER-007-01)  (Revised)

Concrete Plant (SS-PER-011-03)  (Revised)

Control Device (SS-PER-008-05)  (New)

Cooling Tower (SS-PER-013-02) (Revised) 

Cyclone (SS-PER-008-03)  (New)

Dry Cleaning Operation-PERC (SS-PER-009-01) (Revised)  

Dry Cleaning Operation-Petroleum (SS-PER-009-02)  (Revised) 

Fabric Filter Baghouse (SS-PER-008-01)  (New)

Flare (SS-PER-008-04)  (New)

Gasoline Dispensing Operation 

Internal Combustion Engine  

Landscape & Rock Operation (SS-PER-011-02)  (Revised)  

Marijuana Processing (SS-PER-012-02)  (New)

Mineral Processing  

Mineral Processing Permitting Tool (New)

Petroleum Storage Tanks (SS-PER-014-02)  (Revised) 

Printing Form - A (SS-PER-015-01A)  (New)

Printing Form - B (SS-PER-015-01B)  (New)

Scrubber (SS-PER-008-06)  (New)

Soil & Ground Water Remediation (SS-PER-012-04)  (Revised)   

Stone Processing Operation (SS-PER-013-03)  (Revised)   

Surface Coating Operation - A (SS-PER-015-02A)   (Revised)

Surface Coating Operation - B (SS-PER-015-02B)  (New)

 (SS-PER-013-04)  (New)

Prior Notification Form

Declaration of Responsible Official 

Recordkeeping Forms (Samples)

Daily Inspection Record GDO Assist System
Daily Inspection Record GDO Balance System
Daily Inspection Record GDO Phase I Only

Additional Forms

NESHAP HHHHHH Initial Notification Example  

NESHAP HHHHHH Petition for Exemption Example  

NSPS/NESHAP Stationary Source Notification Form Letter

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