According to Nevada Revised Statutes, all property not defined or taxed as “real estate” or “real property” is considered to be “personal property.” Taxable personal property includes aircraft, manufactured homes and all property used in conjunction with a business. The taxation of personal property has been in effect since Nevada became a state in 1864. Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 360-361, provide for the taxation of all property, unless specifically exempted by law. Since aircraft are not exempted, they are taxable.


All individuals or companies having aircraft in Clark County must file an annual declaration. The declaration is normally filed during the month of July each year. If the declaration is received at any other time, it is due within 15 days of receipt. Aircraft owners bringing aircraft into Clark County for the first time should contact the Assessor's Office to obtain an Aircraft Appraisal Declaration. Please remember, it is the responsibility of the aircraft owner to inform the Assessor of any changes in ownership, location or mailing address.

The completed declaration provides the information needed to determine the taxable value of the aircraft. The year of purchase is needed so that the value of the aircraft can be reduced by any applicable depreciation. The purchase price should be reported without sales tax. The purchase price does include any additions or upgrades to the plane such as extra fuel tanks, special or additional avionics etc. If the aircraft is registered and taxed outside of Clark County, please check the applicable box and provide a copy of the current registration and tax receipt. Because aircraft are mobile, a declaration, the current registration and the tax receipt must be filed each year.

Though the declaration may be completed and returned to the Assessor in July, the personal property tax billing may be calculated and sent any time between the time it is received by the Assessor and the following April 30. The returned declaration will be processed by the appraisal staff and billed accordingly. The appraisal staff may request additional information in order to verify the information on the completed declaration. The tax billing becomes delinquent and subject to a penalty 30 days after the first billing date.

Nevada State Department of Taxation Personal Property Manuals
(These manuals define how Personal Property is assessed in Nevada.)

2016-2017 Unsecured Roll Depreciation Schedule  


In Nevada, the taxable value of an aircraft is derived by applying a 20-year life depreciation factor to the owner's original acquisition cost.  Assessed value is computed by multiplying the taxable value by 35%, rounded to the nearest $1.00.

To calculate the tax on your aircraft, let's assume a tax rate of $3.50 per hunded dollars of assessed value used in the example below: 

Aircraft purchased one year ago at a cost of $10,000......................... $10,000
The taxable value after depreciation is 10,000 x .90= ........................     9,000
The assessed value for the aircraft is 9,000 x .35 = ...........................   $3,150
The tax on the aircraft would be 3,150 x .035 = ................................ $110.25

Tax rates vary by district.  Learn more about the tax abatement


Declarations are normally mailed to all aircraft owners of record by July 1 of each year. If you do not receive a declaration, please call our Appraisal Division at (702)455-4997. The main office is located at 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy, 2nd Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89155.

The instructions for completing the aircraft appraisal declaration are printed on the reverse side of the declaration. Most questions pertaining to the aircraft appraisal declaration can be answered by calling the Appraisal Division at (702) 455-4997. An appraiser will be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding the aircraft appraisal declaration, or schedule a convenient time to meet with you. Real and Personal Property Appraisers must be certified by the State of Nevada, and are required to maintain the certification through a program of continuing education.

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