7/1/2016 - Personal Property

Dear Personal Property Owner,

Nevada Revised Statutes 361.265 require that a declaration be completed and returned to the County Assessor by July 31st or within 15 days of the date printed on the declaration, whichever is later.  Declarations can be filed online.

Failure to provide a complete declaration within the required timeframe as specified above will result in the Assessor placing an estimate of value on any unreported property for purposes of calculating taxes levied on the property.  If you did not get a declaration form at this time, please call (702) 455-4997.

If necessary, a 30-day filing extension may be obtained online.

Do you need assistance completing your declaration?  Clark County Assessor staff holds classes providing personalized instruction.  There is no cost for attending the class of your choice, and reservations are not necessary. Visit our Personal Property page for dates and locations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an Appraisal Division associate anytime during our normal business hours.  It is our pleasure to guide you through the process.

Last modified on 7/26/2019 11:27