Clark County plays a vital role, in partnership with the trucking industry, to provide the interregional connectivity to major markets existing today and provides opportunity to open new markets.  We are at the center point of the CANAMEX I-15 Corridor enabling companies located here to increase trade productivity and reduce transportation costs. This major trade route stretches 3,800 miles from Anchorage, Alaska to Mexico City, D.F. and links the three countries of Canada, America and Mexico in the western region of the United States.

 Canamex Corridor
According to the CANANEX Corridor Coallition,

70% - CANAMEX freight that moves by truck

65% - CANAMEX freight with origin and/or destination outside region

2%   - International CANAMEX freight

84% - US CANAMEX highway that is four-lane divided

86% - Mexican CANAMEX highway that is four-lane divided

2010-Completion of Hoover Dam Bypass linking Nevada to Arizona

11,300,000 Population of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana

9,800,000 Population of Los Angeles County

2005 Nearly 240,000 net jobs could be created in Nevada by 2030 due to this trade route.   


Clark County, Nevada is well positioned to be your company location to take advantage of this unique trade corridor. 


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