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BPG131.pdf25 Decibel Noise Level Reduction Standard - Building Permit GuideBPG-131Plan Review
BPG132.pdf30 Decibel Noise Level Reduction Standard - Building Permit GuideBPG-132Plan Review
BPG133.pdf35 Decibel Noise Level Reduction Standard - Building Permit GuideBPG-133Plan Review
FIG-M-004.pdfABS & PVC in Return Air PlenumsFIG-M-004Inspection Services
G-100.pdfAC Pad DetailG-100Plan Review - Standard Design
105.7.15AccessGates.pdfAccess Gates - Automatic105.7.15Fire Prevention
FIG-B-007.pdfAcoustic Tile Grid Ceiling RequirementsFIG-B-007Inspection Services
BPG002.pdfAlternate Materials & Methods of Construction - Building Permit GuideBPG-002Plan Review
FIG-M-014.pdfAluminum Flex Duct/Environmental Duct ConnectionsFIG-M-014Inspection Services
BPG003.pdfAmusement & Transportation Systems - Building Permit GuideBPG-003Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-M-006.pdfAnchorage of AppliancesFIG-M-006Inspection Services
B-118.pdfApartments/Condominiums Property Line Wall w/Parapet Within 10' Of Property LineB-118Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-E-009.pdfAppliances Not Required at Final InspectionFIG-E-009Inspection Services
FirePreventionApplicationTypeCheatsheet.pdfApplication Type Cheatsheet - Fire PreventionFire Prevention
105.7.5.bAutomaticFireSprinklerSystemsMonitoring.pdfAutomatic Fire Sprinkler Systems, Monitoring105.7.5.bFire Prevention
FIG-M-017.pdfAutomatic Shutoffs for HVAC EquipmentFIG-M-017Inspection Services
FIG-E-027.pdfAuxiliary GuttersFIG-E-027Inspection Services
B-112.pdfBasement And Bedroom Egress WindowB-112Plan Review - Standard Design
B-115.pdfBasement And Bedroom Egress WindowB-115Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-E-018.pdfBathtub and Shower SpaceFIG-E-018Inspection Services
E-101.pdfBolted Light Pole Base DetailE-101Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-E-017.pdfBonding of Gas PipingFIG-E-017Inspection Services
FIG-E-003.pdfBonding of Swimming Pool Panels and ControlsFIG-E-003Inspection Services
FIG-P-001.pdfBTU/H (input rating) of Natural Gas Per Cubic Foot per Hour RatingFIG-P-001Inspection Services
BPG011.pdfBuilding Permit & Plan Review Fees Schedule & Associated Valuation Cost Factors Guide - Building Permit GuideBPG-011Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-P-022.pdfBuilding Sewer TestsFIG-P-022Inspection Services
105.6.32.bCandlesAndOpenFlame.pdfCandles and Open Flame (Decorative Open Flame Devices)105.6.32.bFire Prevention
B-116.pdfChimney Chase Connection DetailB-116Plan Review - Standard Design
105.7.5.fCleanAgentSystems.pdfClean Agent SystemsFire Prevention
FIG-P-024.pdfCombination & Double Fixture Fittings Installed HorizontallyFIG-P-024Inspection Services
BPG022.pdfCombined Board of Building Appeals - Building Permit GuideBPG-022Plan Review
BPG021.pdfCombined Board of Building Appeals Guidelines for Preparing Appeals - Building Permit GuideBPG-021Plan Review
105.6.7CombustibleFibersGuideline.pdfCombustible FibersFire Prevention
FIG-P-007.pdfCombustion Air Using Infiltration for Water Heaters in GaragesFIG-P-007Inspection Services
BPG024.pdfCommercial, Industrial & Multi-Family Development - Building Permit GuideBPG-024Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
BPG025.pdfComplex Facilities - Building Permit GuideBPG-025Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-E-028.pdfConduit Only - Permits for Fire AlarmFIG-E-028Inspection Services
BPG026.pdfConversion of Single Family Residence to Professional Office Building - Building Permit GuideBPG-026Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-M-018.pdfDampers Installed Within Fire-Resistive ConstructionFIG-M-018Inspection Services
FIG-E-033.pdfDining Room CircuitsFIG-E-033Inspection Services
FIG-E-016.pdfDisability RequirementsFIG-E-016Inspection Services
FIG-B-004.pdfDisaster Assessment Report and Follow-Up InspectionsFIG-B-004Inspection Services
FIG-M-012.pdfDuct Access/Access Panel RequirementsFIG-M-012Inspection Services
FIG-M-003.pdfDuct Detector TestingFIG-M-003Inspection Services
FIG-E-024.pdfEasements or Distribution Lines AttachmentFIG-E-024Inspection Services
FIG-E-002.pdfElectrical Meter Tag Issuance for Electrical Signs and BillboardsFIG-E-002Inspection Services
BPG042.pdfElectrical, Plumbing & Mechanical Permit & Plan Review Fees Schedule - Contract Price Method GuideBPG-042Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
BPG041.pdfElectrical, Plumbing & Mechanical Permit & Plan Review Fees Schedule - Percentage of Building Permit Fee Method GuideBPG-041Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
105.7.5.cElevatorRecall.pdfElevator RecallFire Prevention
105.7.16EmergencyResponderRadioCoverageSystem.pdfEmergency Responder Radio Coverage SystemFire Prevention
105.6.34ExhibitsAndTradeshows.pdfExhibits and Trade Shows105.6.34Fire Prevention
ExpiredPermitMatrix.pdfExpired/Renewal Permits MatrixPermit Issuance - Plan Submittal
BPG044.pdfExpress Building Plan Review - Building Permit GuideBPG-044Plan Review
BPG051.pdfFence/Block Wall - Building Permit GuideBPG-051Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-E-029.pdfField Verification of Plumbing and Electrical Journeyperson Minimum Supervision and Licensing RequirementsFIG-E-029Inspection Services
FIG-P-021.pdfField Verification of Plumbing and Electrical Journeyperson Minimum Supervision and Licensing RequirementsFIG-P-021Inspection Services
105.7.5.dFireAlarmMonitoringSystem.pdfFire Alarm Monitoring SystemFire Prevention
FIG-E-035.pdfFire Alarm System IdentificationFIG-E-035Inspection Services
105.7.5.aFireAlarmSystems.pdfFire Alarm SystemsFire Prevention
105.7.5.eFireAlarmSystemsVideoDetectors.pdfFire Alarm Systems, Video Detection SystemsFire Prevention
B-113.pdfFire Hydrant/Street Light Fence ClearancesB-113Plan Review - Standard Design
BPG052.pdfFire Protection Report Design - Building Permit GuideBPG-052Plan Review
105.7.6FirePumps.pdfFire PumpsFire Prevention
105.7.1.dNFPA13Guideline.pdfFire Sprinkler Systems - NFPA 13Fire Prevention
105.7.1.bNFPA13D.pdfFire Sprinkler Systems - NFPA 13DFire Prevention
105.7.1.cNFPA13R.pdfFire Sprinkler Systems - NFPA 13RFire Prevention
B-122.pdfFire Wall-Wood Or Light Gauge Metal Const. To Comply With IBC Chapter 7B-122Plan Review - Standard Design
BPG053.pdfFireproofing for Steel Construction - Building Permit GuideBPG-053Plan Review
FIG-B-017.pdfFire-Rated Side-Hinged Door Inspection ProcessFIG-B-017Inspection Services
105.6.50FlameEffectsFirePerformer.pdfFlame Effects - Fire PerformerFire Prevention
105.7.7.aFlammableCombustibleLiquidsUST.pdfFlammable/Combustible Liquids - Underground Storage TanksFire Prevention
FIG-P-014.pdfFlat VentingFIG-P-014Inspection Services
FIG-B-022.pdfFloor Sink Through PenetrationsFIG-B-022Inspection Services
105.7.1.hFoamSystemsNFPA11Guideline.pdfFoam Suppression SystemsFire Prevention
105.7.1.gFoamWaterSprinklerAndFoamWaterSpraySystems.pdfFoam-Water Sprinkler and Foam-Water Spray SystemsFire Prevention
FoodChecklist.pdfFood Service Establishment Supplemental ChecklistEFAGCPlan Review
FIG-E-007.pdfForeign SystemsFIG-E-007Inspection Services
B-123.pdfFree Standing Carports - Location On PropertyB-123Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-E-005.pdfGeneratorsFIG-E-005Inspection Services
B-109.pdfGlazing At Pool DecksB-109Plan Review - Standard Design
B-121.pdfGlazing At Pool DecksB-121Plan Review - Standard Design
B-117.pdfGrade Level Changes On Accessible RoutesB-117Plan Review - Standard Design
B-107.pdfGrade Level Changes On Accessible Routes Per ANSI A117.1-03B-107Plan Review - Standard Design
BPG061.pdfGrading in Conjunction with a Residential Subdivision or Parcel Map - Building Permit GuideBPG-061Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
BPG062.pdfGrading Permits - Building Permit GuideBPG-062Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
P-104.pdfGrease Interceptor (Min. 500 Gallons)P-104Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-P-015.pdfGrease Interceptors that Serve More than One RestaurantFIG-P-015Inspection Services
FIG-B-016.pdfGypsum Board AttachmentFIG-B-016Inspection Services
B-119.pdfHandicap Ramp - ANSI 117.1-1998B-119Plan Review - Standard Design
B-108.pdfHandicap Ramp Per ANSI 117.1-03B-108Plan Review - Standard Design
105.6.22HighPiledCombStorage.pdfHigh Piled Combustible Storage105.6.22Fire Prevention
105.6.23.aHotWorksOperationsRenewable.pdfHot Work Operations - Renewable105.6.23.aFire Prevention
105.6.23.bHotworksOperationsNon-Renewable.pdfHot Work Operations Non Renewable (6 Months or Less)105.6.23.bFire Prevention
105.7.1.iHydrantFlowTestSprinklerDesign.pdfHydrant Flow Test, Sprinkler DesignFire Prevention
BPG081.pdfIECC Submittal Requirements - Building Permit GuideBPG-081Plan Review
BPG083.pdfImplosion/Demolition - Building Permit GuideBPG-083Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
105.7.1.aInBuildingRiser.pdfIn-Building Sprinkler RiserFire Prevention
105.7.9IndustrialOvens.pdfIndustrial OvensFire Prevention
BPG082.pdfIn-Facility Plan Review - Building Permit GuideBPG-082Plan Review
telephoneinspectionscheduling.pdfInspection Scheduling by Phone – Building Online Services
FIG-E-013.pdfInspections per Engineered PlansFIG-E-013Inspection Services
E-104.pdfLandscape Lighting DetailE-104Plan Review - Standard Design
105.7.10.aLPGas.pdfLiquefied Petroleum GasFire Prevention
P-101.pdfLiquefied Petroleum Gas Piping-ProceduresP-101Plan Review - Standard Design
105.6.26LiquidOrGasFueledVehiclesInAssemblyBuildings.pdfLiquid or Gas Fueled Vehicles in Assembly Buildings - Draft105.6.26Fire Prevention
FIG-P-026.pdfLiquid Petroleum Gas Piping ProcedureFIG-P-026Inspection Services
FIG-E-001.pdfListing IssuesFIG-E-001Inspection Services
BPG184.pdfLoad Bearing & Non-Load Bearing Straw Bale Construction - Building Permit GuideBPG-184Plan Review
FIG-E-034.pdfLow Voltage WiringFIG-E-034Inspection Services
FIG-P-006.pdfLPG Piping and Tank PlacementFIG-P-006Inspection Services
P-103.pdfLPG Piping-Underground Beneath BuildingsP-103Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-M-002.pdfMake-Up Air for Dryers in Confined Spaces, and Combustion Air for Dryers in Confined SpacesFIG-M-002Inspection Services
B-104.pdfManeuvering Clearance At Swinging Doors, ANSI A117.1-03B-104Plan Review - Standard Design
BPG120.pdfManufactured Buildings on Commercial Property - Building Permit GuideBPG-120Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-B-015.pdfManufactured Housing for Temporary Residence During ConstructionFIG-B-015Inspection Services
B-100.pdfMasonry Fences/Masonry Retaining WallsB-100Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-P-020.pdfMaster and Journeyman Clark County Licensing RequirementsFIG-P-020Inspection Services
FIG-E-020.pdfMaster and Journeyman Clark County Licensing RequirementsFIG-E-020Inspection Services
BPG121.pdfMaster Egress - Building Permit GuideBPG-121Plan Review
FIG-P-017.pdfMedium Pressure Gas Piping SystemsFIG-P-017Inspection Services
BPG122.pdfMobile Home Converson from Personal to Real Property - Building Permit GuideBPG-122Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
BPG124.pdfMobile Home Installation in a Mobile Home Park - Building Permit GuideBPG-124Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
BPG123.pdfMobile Home Installation in Mobile Home Estates or Privately Deeded Property - Building Permit GuideBPG-123Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
E-103.pdfMobile Home Service PedestalE-103Plan Review - Standard Design
B-111.pdfMobile Home Skirting DetailB-111Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-B-002.pdfModel Homes Sales Office ConversionFIG-B-002Inspection Services
BPG125.pdfModular Buildings as Single Family Residences - Building Permit GuideBPG-125Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
105.6.39.aMotorVehicleFuelDispensingStation.pdfMotor Vehicle Fuel Dispensing StationFire Prevention
BPG126.pdfMoved Residential BuildingBPG-126Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
BPG063.pdfNatural Gas - LPG Gas Leaks & Testing Requirements - Building Permit GuideBPG-063Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
P-102.pdfNatural Gas Piping Installed Under SlabP-102Plan Review - Standard Design
NewWorkInExistingBuildings.pdfNew Work in Existing BuildingsFire Prevention
FIG-M-013.pdfNon-Metallic Flex Duct InstallationsFIG-M-013Inspection Services
FIG-E-021.pdfNV Energy RequirementFIG-E-021Inspection Services
105.6.30OpenBurning.pdfOpen Burning105.6.30Fire Prevention
105.6.32.aOpenFlameDevicesForDecorativeFoodPreparation.pdfOpen Flame Devices for Decorative Food Preparation105.6.32.aFire Prevention
M-105.pdfOptional Duct Smoke Detector InstallationM-105Plan Review - Standard Design
105.6.59.aPalletStorage.pdfPallets - Exterior Storage for Commercial Pallet YardsFire Prevention
105.6.59.bPallettStorageNonPallettYard.pdfPallets - Exterior Storage of Pallets Accessory to OccupanciesFire Prevention
FIG-E-012.pdfPermits for Low Voltage WiringFIG-E-012Inspection Services
BPG152.pdfPhased Design Buildings - Building Permit GuideBPG-152Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-M-011.pdfPizza Oven VentingFIG-M-011Inspection Services
105.6.34PlacesOfAssemblyFacilityAnnualRenewable.pdfPlaces of Assembly - Annual Renewable105.6.34Fire Prevention
BPG153.pdfPlumbing License Requirements - Building Permit GuideBPG-153Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
BPG154.pdfPlumbing Repair & Service No Permit Required - Building Permit GuideBPG-154Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
BPG155.pdfPost-Construction Permits - Building Permit GuideBPG-155Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
901.6-PressureReducingValvesTesting.pdfPressure Reducing Valves TestingFire Prevention
BPG043.pdfProcedure for Application Involving Engineered Wood Trusses - Building Permit GuideBPG-043Plan Review
FIG-B-009.pdfProjects with QAA ContractsFIG-B-009Inspection Services
105.6.54ProprietarySelfMonitoringFacilities.pdfProprietary (Self) Monitoring FacilitiesFire Prevention
FIG-P-035.pdfProtection of PVC/ABS PipingFIG-P-035Inspection Services
FIG-P-036.pdfProtection of Water Heaters from DamageFIG-P-036Inspection Services
FIG-E-011.pdfQuality Assurance Agency - Electrical TestingFIG-E-011Inspection Services
BPG161.pdfQuality Assurance Agency Selection - Building Permit GuideBPG-161Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-E-031.pdfReceptacle Outlet for Equipment/ApplianceFIG-E-031Inspection Services
BPG171.pdfReciprocal Easement Agreement - Building Permit GuideBPG-171Plan Review
RecordsResearchInternetInstructionsInspectionHistory.pdfRecords Research on the Internet Inspection History InstructionsRecords
RecordsResearchInternetInstructions.pdfRecords Research on the Internet InstructionsRecords
105.6.39.bRepairGarages.pdfRepair GaragesFire Prevention
FIG-B-021.pdfRepair of Fire-Rated AssembliesFIG-B-021Inspection Services
F-101.pdfRequirements For Structural Steel Fireproofing PlanF-101Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-P-004.pdfRequirements to Secure Closet Rings (Flanges)FIG-P-004Inspection Services
FIG-P-032.pdfResidential Back Water ValvesFIG-P-032Inspection Services
BPG173.pdfResidential Homeowner Guideline for Final Inspections - Building Permit GuideBPG-173Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
B-114.pdfResidential Room AdditionB-114Plan Review - Standard Design
BPG172.pdfResidential Room Additions - Building Permit GuideBPG-172Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-B-025.pdfResort Periodic Inspection Program - Fire Door LabelingFIG-B-025Inspection Services
FIG-E-032.pdfRestoration of Power or Temporary Power at a Damage Assessment InspectionFIG-E-032Inspection Services
FIG-M-005.pdfReview and Certificate/Performance TestFIG-M-005Inspection Services
rockerywall.pdfRockery Wall ConstructionPlan Review
FIG-B-010.pdfRoof Sheathing InspectionsFIG-B-010Inspection Services
FIG-P-008.pdfSaddles Installed in Existing SewersFIG-P-008Inspection Services
P-105.pdfSand & Oil Interceptor (Min. 300 Gallons)P-105Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-P-016.pdfSediment TrapsFIG-P-016Inspection Services
FIG-E-030.pdfSelective CoordinationFIG-E-030Inspection Services
FIG-E-014.pdfService Signage FIG-E-014Inspection Services
B-103.pdfSFR-Covered Patio Heavy Roofing MaterialB-103Plan Review - Standard Design
B-102.pdfSFR-Covered Patio Light Roofing MaterialB-102Plan Review - Standard Design
BPG181.pdfShell Building - Building Permit GuideBPG-181Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-E-015.pdfShow Window ReceptaclesFIG-E-015Inspection Services
BPG182.pdfSingle Family Residence & Guest House - Building Permit GuideBPG-182Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-M-010.pdfSingle Grease Duct Exhaust SystemFIG-M-010Inspection Services
sizinggreaseinterceptorswithdw.pdfSizing Grease Interceptors With DishwasherPlan Review
sizinggreaseinterceptorswithoutdw.pdfSizing Grease Interceptors Without DishwasherPlan Review
105.7.23SmokeControlPanel.pdfSmoke Control PanelFire Prevention
105.7.24SmokeRemovalControlPanel.pdfSmoke Removal Control PanelFire Prevention
ieccsubmittalrequirements.pdfSNBO 2003 IECC SubmittalsPlan Review
RegionalFlagpoleStandards.pdfSNBO Regional Flagpole StandardPlan Review
FIG-P-038.pdfSoil and Waste Lines Above Food Preparation AreasFIG-P-038Inspection Services
BP-DI-031.pdfSolar Photovoltaic Structural RequirementsBP-DI-031Engineering
FIG-E-022.pdfSolar Photovoltaic SystemsFIG-E-022Inspection Services
105.6.57SpecialActivityLotsTemporary.pdfSpecial Activity Lots - TemporaryFire Prevention
BPG188.pdfSpray Finishing Operations - Building Permit GuideBPG-188Plan Review
FIG-E-025.pdfSprinkler StandpipesFIG-E-025Inspection Services
105.7.1.eSprinklerTenantImprovement.pdfSprinkler System - Tenant Improvement/Remodel RequirementsFire Prevention
BPG186.pdfStandard Plan Process for Residential Development - Building Permit GuideBPG-186Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
105.7.13NFPA14Standpipes.pdfStandpipe SystemsFire Prevention
109 110 111ViolationsAndStopWorkOrder.pdfStop Work OrderFire Prevention
FIG-P-003.pdfStorm Drain SizingFIG-P-003Inspection Services
FIG-B-019.pdfStorm Water InspectionsFIG-B-019Inspection Services
FIG-P-037.pdfSumps, Ejectors, and Receiving TanksFIG-P-037Inspection Services
FIG-B-005.pdfSunken Areas in Residential Yards (Pits)FIG-B-005Inspection Services
FIG-P-002.pdfSWG BTU/H content in One Cu. Ft. of Natural Gas=1,000 BTUsFIG-P-002Inspection Services
B-110.pdfSwimming Pool Site DetailsB-110Plan Review - Standard Design
BPG185.pdfSwimming Pool/Spa, Water Feature - Building Permit GuideBPG-185Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
E-105.pdfTemporary Construction Power Through Main Elect-Bldg. Srvc. Single Family DwellingsE-105Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-E-008.pdfTemporary Electrical PowerFIG-E-008Inspection Services
BPG192.pdfTemporary Off-Premise For Sale Sign - Building Permit GuideBPG-192Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
E-102.pdfTemporary Power PoleE-102Plan Review - Standard Design
104.9TemporaryAssemblyStructures.pdfTemporary Structures - Places of Assembly104.9Fire Prevention
BPG023.pdfTenant Improvements for Commercial Buildings - Building Permit GuideBPG-023Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-M-021.pdfTesting Exhaust Grease Ducts for Type I HoodsFIG-M-021Inspection Services
FIG-P-013.pdfThermal Expansion ControlFIG-P-013Inspection Services
B-106.pdfToilet Stalls Per ANSI A117.1-03B-106Plan Review - Standard Design
B-120.pdfTownhouse-Two One Hour WallsB-120Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-P-009.pdfTwo-Way Clean-Out InstallationsFIG-P-009Inspection Services
M-101.pdfType I Kitchen Hood And Exhaust DualM-101Plan Review - Standard Design
M-102.pdfType I Kitchen Hood And Exhaust SingleM-102Plan Review - Standard Design
FIG-M-016.pdfUL Listed Duct Tape for Rigid and Flexible DuctFIG-M-016Inspection Services
105.7.11-UndergroundMainsFireHydrantsAndFireAccess.pdfUnderground Fire Service Mains, Fire Hydrants and Fire AccessFire Prevention
BPG201.pdfUnique Interiors - Building Permit GuideBPG-201Plan Review
BPG202.pdfVehicle Body Shop - Building Permit GuideBPG-202Plan Review
FIG-M-001.pdfVenting Systems and Exhaust Ducts Installed in PlenumsFIG-M-001Inspection Services
FIG-M-019.pdfWall Covering Adjacent to Type I HoodsFIG-M-019Inspection Services
105.6.45-WasteHandling.pdfWaste HandlingFire Prevention
105.7.25-WaterTanks.pdfWater Tanks for Private Fire Protection105.7.25Fire Prevention
BPG216.pdfWind Generators - Building Permit GuideBPG-216Permit Issuance - Plan Submittal
FIG-E-010.pdfWorking ClearanceFIG-E-010Inspection Services
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