Permit and Plan Review Fee Estimator

The fee calculations on this page should be utilized as ESTIMATES ONLY and may not reflect the exact fees assessed on projects submitted for review. All final fees will be calculated by Clark County staff.

Other applicable development fees not represent on this page will be calculated and assessed at the time of permit issuance.



Building or Grading Permit and Plan Review Fees

Permit Fees Total Project Valuation (Includes Trade Permit Fees)

Phased Design Permit Fees Calculation (Includes Trade Permit Fees)

Grading Permit by Total Cubic Yardage


Stand Alone Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical Permit and Plan Review Fees.

Sub-PermitValuation: Stand Alone (no Building Permit)

*For trade sub-contractor permits that are associated with a building permit, use the 'Total Project Valuation' calculator above.

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