Standard Plan Electronic Submittal Process

Log into Citizens Access Portal, Select Building and then Apply for Permits. Select STANDARD PLAN as the Permit Type. Complete the intake forms and upload the following signed and sealed REQUIRED plan/document types. See standard plan checklist for specific sheets required. Your submittal will not be allowed without these required uploads. The following uploads are required: 

Combine the following files and upload them as plan type 'Architectural Plan'

    • Architectural Plans
    • Mechanical Plans
    • Electrical Plans
    • Electrical Load Calculations
    • Plumbing Plans
    • Energy Calculations

The following plans types should be uploaded separately as the plan type of the same name

    • Structural plans
    • Structural calculations
    • Truss calculations (not required at submittal, but prior to final approval)
    • Landscape plans
    • Utility plan
    • Soils Report
    • Tentative Map
    • Structural plans
    • Structural calculations

The following plan/document types should be uploaded with the following Plan Type naming convention:

Staff will contact you if additional information is required when we review your submittal.

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