Swimming Pool Safety

What Every Southern Nevadan Must Know About Drowning Prevention:

  • Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional death for children in
    Clark County.
  • The most common drowning victim is 4 years of age or younger.
  • The majority of drowning deaths occur in the family pool.
  • Drowning is a quick and silent killer.  In 4-6 minutes, a submerged child can
    sustain permanent damage or die.
  • Drowning deaths can be prevented. 

Southern Nevada Pool Code:



The Southern Nevada Pool Code plays an important role in protecting small children from accessing backyard swimming pools and spas and accidentally drowning.  With provisions requiring pools to have layers of protection, such as fences, self-latching gates and door alarms, the pool code is a valuable tool to help keep children safe by preventing their ability to access bodies of water.

Many child drowning victims were last seen safe inside the home, but somehow managed to let themselves outside to the pool/spa area.  The installation and proper use of barriers helps ensure that if a child manages to get outside unsupervised, he or she will be unable to access the pool or spa and avoid a terrible accident.

Please review Chapter 8 (PDF) of the Southern Nevada Pool Code for specific information about barriers, accessibility and safety.  Please note that Chapter 8 is only a portion of the code; all provisions of the code as a whole are necessary for swimming pool and spa integrity and safety.



The ABC&Ds of Drowning Prevention:



In recognition of the danger bodies of water pose to children, Development Services sponsors the ABC&Ds of Drowning Prevention, an educational campaign that teaches southern Nevadans simple rules to stay safe around water:

A = Adult Supervision
B = Barriers (for your pool)
C = Classes (swim lessons and CPR)
D = Devices (personal flotation devices (PFDs),
      life jackets, and rescue tools)




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