Technical Guideline Revisions

TG-16-2017 Appendix B   Agency Requirements


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tg1.pdfTG-001 Preparation of a Quality Systems Manual for a Structural Steel Fabricators05/10/2006
tg2.pdfTG-002 Requirements for Approval as a Clark County Building Department Structural Steel Fabricator/Manufacturer07/01/2009
tg3.pdfTG-003 Requirements for Performing Clark County Building Division Required Fabrication Facility Audits, Inspections and Nondestructive Testing of Structural Steel07/01/2009
TG5.pdfTG-005 Requirements for Approval as a Clark County Department of Development Services - Building Division Amusement and/or Transportation System Fabricator/Manufacturer05/07/2010
tg10.pdfTG-010 Structural Observation09/01/2016
tg11.pdfTG-011 Approval Process for Engineered Wood Products12/22/2014
tg12.pdfTG-012 Manufactured Engineered Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Submittal and Review Requirements for Structures that have a Licensed Building Designer09/02/2016
tg12h.pdfTG-012h Manufactured Engineered Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Submittal and Review Requirements for Homeowner-Permittee Structures01/31/2005
tg15.pdfTG-015 Quality Systems Manual11/01/2014
tg16.pdfTG-016 Quality Assurance Agency Obligations11/01/2014
tg17.pdfTG-017 Minimum Approval Criteria for Quality Personnel04/01/2015
tg18.pdfTG-018  Accreditation Body Requirements01/25/2013
tg19.pdfTG-019 Approved Chemical Test Methods of Soils and Reporting Criteria07/20/2007
tg20.pdfTG-020 Quality Assurance Agency Responsibilities03/27/2017
tg22.pdfTG-022 Procedure to Condition, Suspend, Revoke, or Restore Approval of Special Inspection Personnel, Quality Assurance Agency, and Fabricator/Manufacturer04/29/2011
tg30.pdfTG-030 Life Safety Systems Testing 11/01/2011
tg42.pdfTG-042 Approved Concrete Suppliers03/15/2010
tg50.pdfTG-050 Final Report Requirements08/03/2012
tg60.pdfTG-060 IBC Smoke Control and Related Topics01/01/2008
tg70.pdfTG-070 Residential Sheathing Special Inspection09/02/2016
tg75.pdfTG-075 Storage Racks09/05/2016
tg80.pdfTG-080 QAA Agreement Agency Change08/10/2010
tg90.pdfTG-090 Electrical Testing Services11/20/2013
tg92.pdfTG-092 System Commissioning07/01/2014
tg95.pdfTG-095 Energy Efficiency Testing Services05/15/2011
tg100.pdfTG-100 Quality Assurance Agency Conflict of Interest Provisions07/11/2016
tg200.pdfTG-200 Peer Review of Construction Documents and As-Build Conditions07/11/2016
tg220.pdfTG-220 Plan Review By Inspector (PRBI)06/26/2014
tg300.pdfTG-300 Adhesive Anchor Special Inspection09/06/2010
tg400.pdfTG-400 Contractor Quality Control 07/07/2014
tg701.pdfTG-701 Permit Now Program09/10/2014
tg702.pdfTG-702 Customer Driven Consultant Services Plan Review Program09/10/2014
tg703.pdfTG-703 Permit Now Plan Review Program and Customer Driven Consultant Services Plan Review Program Audits09/10/2014
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