Checking Your Plan Status via automated phone system

Check your plan review status over the phone by calling 702-455-7316 and following the prompts. You will need your application number to check your plan status.

Checking Your Plan Status Online

You can see your estimated completion date and the current plan status accessing the application information on the Citizen Access Portal page. Enter your application number & click on "Processing Status". The online status indicates whether the plan has been assigned to a plans checker, is approved and ready for pick up, requires corrections and is ready for pick up, or has been rejected.

Plan Pick up

You will receive an email when your plans are ready for pickup. Plans mailed to us will be mailed back to you when the review is complete, if a postage prepaid envelope is provided. All outstanding plan review fees must be paid at time of pick up. If corrections are needed, you will receive a correction letter via email. Corrected plans must be submitted for another review.

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