Staff will actively process plans and permits online. Currently Inspections can still be scheduled. All new projects must be submitted online using the Citizen Access Portal. You must have an active account and that account must be properly linked to the record in order to see detailed information or pay for assessed fees.

MAILED PERMIT APPLICATIONS AND CORRECTIONS will no longer be accepted through the mail.  We have electronics permitting processes in place. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact or (702) 455-7100 for more information.

For technical assistance, please email



For Electronic Plans submitted before December 11, 2017 click here.

 Fire Prevention is dedicated to providing our construction and business customers with state-of-the-art permit management, plan review, and inspection services.

Services provided by our department include, but are not limited to:

  • Permit application and issue
  • Plan examination for compliance with all adopted codes
  • Inspection services
  • Record search
  • Fire safety complaints
  • Business license inspection

For questions about applications, submittal requirements, plan status, fees, etc., explore our website or Ask a Question or Comment

Board of Fire Codes Appeals

Clark County Board of Fire Code Appeals - Established

The Clark County Board of Fire Code Appeals held its first meeting on September 14, 2015.  Briefly, the "Rules and Procedures of the Clark County Board of Fire Code Appeals" were reviewed and approved.  Finally, "Guidelines for Preparing Fire Code Appeals" is in place and available.

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For inquiries regarding Knox-Box please contact the Clark County Fire Department at:

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