Each local government that creates an enterprise fund pursuant to NRS 354.59891 shall establish an advisory committee to review the operations of, and make recommendations relating to, the enterprise fund (SB18402995 Nevada State Legislative Session).


Residential Construction
Nat Hodgson
Southern Nevada Homebuilders. Assoc.
Commercial Development
Mike Shohet, NAIOP
Jones Lang LaSalle
Sean Stewart
Associated General Contractors
William Ham
MGM Resorts International
Public Officer or employee of the local
government who manages fiscal affairs
of the local government
Jessica Colvin
Clark County-Finance
Ed Zagalo (Alternate)
Public Officer or employee of the local
government who oversees directly the operation
of the enterprise fund
Ron Taylor
Department of Building & Fire Prevention


Board, Commission or Committee Member Application Building Enterprise Fund Advisory Committe​

BEFACAgenda09272018.pdfBEFAC Agenda September 27, 2018BEFACAgenda09272018
BEFAC Draft Minutes_09272018.pdfBEFAC Minutes Draft September 27, 2018BEFAC Draft Minutes_09272018
BEFACAgenda06202018.pdfBEFAC Agenda June 20, 2018BEFACAgenda06202018
BEFAC Final Minutes 06.20.18.pdfBEFAC Minutes June 20, 2018BEFAC Final Minutes 06.20.18
BEFACAgenda01312018.pdfBEFAC Agenda January 31, 2018BEFACAgenda01312018
BEFAC Final Minutes 01.31.18.pdfBEFAC Minutes January 31, 2018BEFAC Final Minutes 01.31.18
BEFAC Presentation  01-31-18.pdfBEFAC Presentation January 31, 2018BEFAC Presentation 01-31-18
BEFACAgenda09272017.pdfBEFAC Agenda September 27, 2017BEFACAgenda09272017
BEFAC final minutes 09.27.17.pdfBEFAC Minutes September 27,2017BEFAC final minutes 09.27.17
BEFACPresentation09272017.pdfBEFAC Presentation September 27, 2017BEFACPresentation09272017
BEFACAgenda08052017.pdfBEFAC Agenda May 08, 2017BEFACAgenda08052017
BEFACminutes05082017.pdfBEFAC Minutes May 08, 2017BEFACminutes05082017
BEFACPresentation05082017.pdfBEFAC Presentation May 08, 2017BEFACPresentation05082017
BEFACAgenda11072016.pdfBEFAC Agenda November 07, 2016BEFACAgenda11072016
BEFACMinutes11072016.pdfBEFAC Minutes November 07, 2016BEFACMinutes11072016
BEFACAgenda07252016.pdfBEFAC Agenda July 25, 2016BEFACAgenda07252016
BEFACMinutes07252016.pdfBEFAC Minutes July 25, 2016BEFACMinutes07252016
BEFACAgenda04122016.pdfBEFAC Agenda April 12, 2016BEFACAgenda04122016
BEFACMinutes04122016.pdfBEFAC Minutes April 2, 2016BEFACMinutes04122016
BEFACAgenda12142015.pdfBEFAC Agenda December 14, 2015BEFACAgenda12142015
BEFACMinutes12142015.pdfBEFAC Minutes December 14, 2015BEFACMinutes12142015
BEFACAgenda06172015.pdfBEFAC Agenda June 17, 2015BEFACAgenda06172015
BEFACMinutes06172015.pdfBEFAC Minutes June 17, 2015BEFACMinutes06172015
BEFACAgenda02192015.pdfBEFAC Agenda February 19, 2015BEFACAgenda02192015
BEFACMinutes02192015.pdfBEFAC Minutes February 19, 2015BEFACMinutes02192015
BEFACAgenda11032014.pdfBEFAC Agenda November 03. 2014BEFACAgenda11032014
BEFACMinutes11032014.pdfBEFAC Minutes November 03, 2014BEFACMinutes11032014
BEFACAgenda08282014.pdfBEFAC Agenda August 28. 2014BEFACAgenda08282014
BEFACMinutes08282014.pdfBEFAC Minutes August 28, 2014BEFACMinutes08282014
BEFACAgenda01242014.pdfBEFAC Agenda January 24, 2014BEFACAgenda01242014
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