Clark County Master, Journeyman, Low Voltage Technician and Pool Plumbing Specialist cards are qualification cards that are intended to ensure a competent level of supervision at job sites. In order to obtain these cards, individuals must pass a licensing exam that tests knowledge of a trade and applicable national and local building codes.
The contractor at every construction site is responsible to employ at least one Clark County-licensed tradesman of an appropriate category to perform independent work and to supervise lesser qualified individuals. Requiring a Clark County-licensed tradesman on the job site not only helps ensure competent supervision is occurring, but also helps ensure the quality of the construction work being performed.
Enforcement: Failure to comply with Clark County's Master, Journeyman, Low Voltage Technician and Pool Plumbing Specialist card requirements will result in a progressive four-step disciplinary process that begins with a verbal warning, then progresses to issuance of a notice of violation, followed by a stop work order, and finally an issuance of a misdemeanor citation. The disciplinary process is outlined in Electrical Field Inspection Guideline E-020 and Plumbing Field Inspection Guideline P-020.
Clark County Master & Journeyman Cards are available in the following categories:


* The Low Voltage Technician card program is in development. Testing will be available beginning September 1, 2010. Time will be allowed for technicians to obtain the card before enforcement takes place. The effective date of enforcement of the Low Voltage Technician requirements will be determined later and posted in advance.

** The Journeyman Wood Framing and Journeyman HVAC card programs are in development. Testing is currently available for both cards and enforcement begins in October 2010.

*** The Journeyman HVAC Mechanic card program is in development. The test will be available beginning in early September 2010. Enforcement of the card begins in October 2010.

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