Inspection Scheduling                                                               
Inspections may be requested at any time, 24 hours a day on the Web (via Citizen Access Portal) or by using the automated phone system.   Inspections requested prior to 4 a.m. will be made the following work day.  Ninety-nine percent of our inspections are completed on the requested date.  

Same day or overtime inspections may be requested through inspection supervisory staff and are granted based on justification and staff availability and are assessed hourly inspection rates.  Saturday inspections are also available for non-track, single-family homes and projects.

Field Inspections                                                                                    
The Field Services Building Division is responsible for inspecting permitted projects constructed within unincorporated Clark County.  Projects are required to be inspected during specific key stages of construction to ensure compliance to the approved plans and minimum code standards as set forth in the Building Code of Clark County.  Inspectors may be required to visit the project several times depending upon its size and scope.  

Access to the area to be inspected must be provided, and approved copies of plans and plan documents, permits, and inspection record sheets (job cards) are required to be on site at the time of inspection.




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