22.02.355 Records research and reproduction fees.
Records research and reproduction of construction documents shall be in accordance with the following fee schedule:

8-1/2 x 11
Each additional page after 10 (same document)
$1.00 1st 10 pages
$0.50 per page
11 x 14 $2.00 per page
D or E Size Plans $4.00 per page
Certification $2.00 per page
Research & Document Assembly
(1/2 hour minimum; billed to next 1/2 hour)
$40.00 per hour
(Fee includes preparation time & up to 1/2 hour)
$50.00 per CD,
plus $1.00 per each document.  


(Ord. 3277 § 2 (part), 2005)
Registered Material Requests
(Note: Registered material document images are not available on-line)

Prior to producing and releasing any copies of registered material (stamped and sealed) prepared by architects, engineers, contractors, or other design professionals, authorization/permission must be obtained from the design professional and provided to the Records Office.  Although public document records are available for public viewing, reproduction of registered material must follow established guidelines which require an original letter on the design professional's stationery signed by the original design professional or an officer/representative of the firm/company indicating their permission to release copies of specific documents on file with the Department.

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