Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board
Meeting & Agenda Information

The Board of Clark County Commissioners sits as the Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board. The Business License Department supports the board as the overseer for administrative affairs, including, but not limited to, processing of applications for consideration of a liquor and gaming license.  The Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board delegates the licensing of privileged licenses to the Department. The Department posts a schedule of administrative licensing decisions taken every month on the Schedule of Administrative Actions.

Administrative Decisions
View a schedule of Administrative Decisions pertaining to Liquor and Gaming Licensing from 2008 onwards. 

Annotated Agendas
View annotated agendas for the Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board.

Proposed Amendments
View proposed amendments to Clark County Code to be introduced before the Board of County Commissioners or before the Liquor & Gaming Licensing Board. 


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