Services provided by the Clark County Clerk:

Official Records
Official documents, including board meeting minutes, board voting records  and county contracts are maintained by the County Clerk.  Requests for copies of official records are submitted to the County Clerk rather than to members of the various boards.  This is to assure that responses to such requests are timely, complete and accurate.  The County Clerk responds equally and fairly to all parties needing access to county records.

Marriage Licenses
The Clark County Clerk is responsible for the issuance of all marriage licenses in the County.   Clark County is home to Las Vegas, Nevada, the “marriage capital of the world.” In 2017, 78,187 marriage licenses were issued by the Clark County Clerk's Marriage License Bureau, more than any other county.  The marriage industry is a very large part of the Las Vegas tourist economy.  It is the duty of the County Clerk to not only assure compliance with all laws and statutes when issuing marriage licenses, but to do everything possible to make getting married in Las Vegas a pleasant and happy experience for the many couples who come here each year.

Marriage Certificates

Certified marriage certificates (proof of marriage) may be ordered online from the Clerk's Office.

Marriage Officiants - Certificates of Permission to Perform Marriages
All ministers and other church or religious officials must obtain a Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages from the County Clerk.  The performance of marriages is a serious responsibility.  Getting married changes a couple’s vital records.  In addition, it often affects their finances, including disbursement of retirement accounts, distribution of social security benefits and beneficiary designations on life insurance policies, to name just a few.  It is the Clerk’s responsibility to ensure that individuals who solemnize marriages perform this duty responsibly, and process vital documents according to state law.

Civil Marriage Ceremonies
As the Commissioner of Civil Marriages, the Clark County Clerk operates the “Office of the Commissioner of Civil Marriages” where couples may have their marriage solemnized in a tranquil, private and dignified ceremony.  The fee for these civil marriage ceremonies is set by Nevada law and Clerk employees may not receive any additional compensation for this service.

Fictitious Firm Names
Every person doing business in Nevada under an assumed or fictitious name, must file with the County Clerk a certificate containing the business name.  (Commonly referred to as a “DBA” certificate.)

Bonds and Oaths of Notary Publics
Every person wishing to become a Notary Public must file his or her bond, together with the oath, with the County Clerk of the county in which the applicant resides.  The County Clerk immediately certifies to the secretary of state that the required bond and oath have been filed and recorded.  Applicants may also be sworn in by the County Clerk or one of her deputies.

Passport Acceptance 
The Clark County Clerk operates as a Passport Acceptance Agency for the U. S. Department of State.  Passport applications are processed at our Government Center Office, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway, 1st. Floor by appointment only.

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Lynn Goya, Clark County Clerk

Ex-Officio Clerk of:

Board of County Commissioners;
Board of Equalization;
Stadium Authority Board;
Liquor and Gaming Board;
Mt. Charleston Fire Protection District;
Water Reclamation District Board of Trustees;
Debt Management Commission;
Clark County Redevelopment Agency;
University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Board of Trustees


2017 Marriage Licenses 

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