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Notary Public


You may be sworn in as a Notary Public at any office of the County Clerk or by any Notary Public. If you come to the Clerk's Office, you will need to present your $10,000 Notary Public Bond and a valid government issued ID with photo. 

If you are applying as a non-resident notary, please submit the following along with your notary bond:

Non-Resident Public Affidavit of Applicant
Non-Resident Public Affidavit of Applicant's Employer
Non-Resident Public Affidavit of Self-Employed Applicant (if applicable)

These forms MUST be notarized at the time of filing.  Forms can be accessed here.

Locations and Hours of Operation can be accessed here. You may also select the Contact Us tab to the left of this page.

Fee and payment information may be accessed here or by selecting the Fees tab located at the left of this page.

If you choose to be sworn in by another notary, you may mail the bond to our office for filing or you may bring it in. The filing fee is $20.00.  If submitted by mail, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment and bond so that we can mail your Filing Notice to you.

The following documents MUST be forwarded to the Secretary of State.  If any items are missing or incomplete, they will not process your application:

  • Filing Notice from the County Clerk's Office
  • Notary Public Application
  • $35.00 Application fee

Mandatory training is required for a first-time notary public, anyone renewing their appointment as a notary public whose appointment has been expired for a period greater than one year, or anyone renewing an appointment as a notary public who has, during the preceding four years, been fined for failure to comply with a statute or regulation of the State of Nevada. If you have any questions concerning your qualifications, you must contact the Nevada Secretary of State's Office.

Please visit the Nevada Secretary of State to access information on Notaries Public and to obtain an Application for Appointment as a Notary Public.

Our office does not notarize documents for the general public.

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