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Proof of Life

Pension funds, retirement accounts or banks located in countries outside the United States may require periodic verification that the beneficiary is alive in order to continue disbursement of benefits.  Verification is done with a form known as a "Proof of Life."  Forms are usually provided by the entity requesting the Proof of Life. The Clerk's Office does not have Proof of Life forms.

The form must be in English or the English translation provided.  The customer shall provide back-up documentation for any statement or information on the form that the County Clerk is asked to verify.  For example, a driver's license, utility bill or other document with the home address should be provided to verify residence address.  If the form requires information on the beneficiary's spouse, back-up documentation must also be provided for the spouse's information.

If you need a Proof of Life form signed or have questions regarding the process, call (702) 671-0708 to schedule an appointment.

Last modified on 10/2/2015 13:50