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Pre-Meeting Doc's

Certain documents related to Land Use applications are available for viewing prior to their being heard at public meetings.  These Pre-Meeting Documents can be looked up based on Application ("Project") Number:

A wider range of application documents are available under Lookup Land Use Documents.

The Project Number is made up of the two-digit Year, a "-", and then the application's prefix and four-digit application number.  Application prefixes are based on application type:

   No Prefix   Most Application Types (DR, UC, WS, ZC) 
   10  Pre-Application Submittals
   40  Extensions of Time (ET, WC)
   50  Tentative and Final Maps
   60  Parcel Maps, Boundary Line Adjustments
   90  Administrative Actions

Some examples are:

  • 10-401001 is used for application 1001, Extension of Time, submitted in 2010 (ET-1001-10)
  • 09-900123 is used for application 123, Temporary Permit, submitted in 2009 (TC-0123-09)
  • 08-500011 is used for application 11, Tentative Map, submitted in 2008 (TM-0011-08)
  • 07-1234 is used for application 1234, Design Review, submitted in 2007 (DR-1234-07) 

You can check the status of your zoning applications and manage your construction projects at Construction Services Online, Clark County's one-stop, virtual department for all land development related activities.

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