Open Space Program

The Open Space Program enables Open Space development within Clark County.  Open space is "land that remains largely unaltered by urban activities ... for solace in a naturalistic environment ... possessing outstanding scenic qualities, rare flora, riparian quality, wetlands, critical wildlife habitat, fragile areas or unusual geologic or topographical formations.”

The function and form of open space within the County varies in use, size and configuration.  Lands in or near urban areas are generally more developed with pedestrian and trail facilities while rural areas may offer Off-Highway Vehicle activities.

Clark County is part of the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition which includes the cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson.  The County is a major partner in planning and building the regional Perimeter Open Space network containing 113 miles of open space corridors and 160 square miles of potential open space lands.  The corridor network connects federal lands such as the Red Rock National Conservation Area (NCA), Sloan NCA and Lake Mead National Recreation Area to the regional trail and open space systems.

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