Clark County & Outside Las Vegas Foundation Community Engagement Initiative




Clark County commissioners have partnered with Get Outdoors Nevada (OLVF) to build community engagement in County trails and parks. As part of the effort, OLVF works with Clark County to recruit volunteers from businesses, churches and community groups to participate in cleanups and other volunteer efforts. Citizens and organizations interested in getting involved can visit the “Get Outdoors Nevada” website to review upcoming events and register online to participate. For information about the program, contact Outside Las Vegas Foundation at (702) 997-3350 or visit the organization’s website.





Clark County Commissioners and students in support of Outside Las Foundation's commitment to make "outdoor living" a priority in Clark County. The County established a partnership in the spring of this year with Outside Las Vegas to build community engagement and ownership in our parks, trails and natural areas.



Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani works to cleanup areas at the Sunrise Trailhead on May 9, 2015. Several residents volunteered to  polish up the destination that is popular for picnics, horseback riding, hiking and birdwatching. The cleanup was a partnership between the Commissioner's office, the Outside Las Vegas Foundation and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.


Local youth help cleanup an outlying area of Clark

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