Partnership and cooperation within entities in the Las Vegas Valley has been crucial in facilitating a comprehensive program of sustainable development for the geographic region. The Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition, partner agencies, and the Sustainability Working Groups have been instrumental in providing programs and policies designed to promote regional development for a sustainable economy.

Energy and Climate Change Community Model  

Regional Emission Inventory
Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition (SNRPC) has implemented a tracking program for reporting greenhouse gas emissions in the Las Vegas Valley. The tracking program, from the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), will be used to monitor greenhouse gas emissions. ICLEI is a membership association with more than 600 U.S. local governments committed to climate protection and sustainability.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions for 2014



Southern Nevada Green Building

What is Green Building? An integrated approach to design and construction of buildings that promote well being while significantly reducing the negative impact on the environment through emphasis on energy and resource efficiency.



Green Building Practices Incorporate:

  • energy efficiency
  • water conservation
  • construction material
  • waste minimization
  • pollution prevention
  • resource-efficient materials 
  • improved indoor air quality


Southern Nevada Regional Plant List  

The SNRPC and partner agencies compiled a regional list of plants that can be adapted to our desert environment in the Las Vegas area for use in new development and retrofit existing developments. It was created by members of the SNRPC’s Regional Urban Forestry Group in conjunction with local experts including arborists, horticulturists, and urban foresters.  Much of the work that went into the creation of this list was built on the foundations of excellent local resources such as the Nevada Division of Forestry’s 2007 Cleaner Air, Tree by Tree and the 2005 Centennial Edition of Trees for Tomorrow, a project of the High Desert Resource Conservation & Development Council. Both projects were made possible by grants from the Nevada Division of Forestry and the United States Forest Service.  

The intent of the list is to provide a single, region-wide reference for landscape architects and developers to select appropriate plants when designing their projects in the Las Vegas area. In addition, it is a tool for those who review those projects -such as municipal planners- to determine if those plants meet applicable codes and ordinances.

Southern Nevada Regional Plant List

Recommended Best Practices for Urban Trees in Southern Nevada  

The purpose of this document is to promote good tree planting practices throughout the municipalities of Southern Nevada and to create consistency across jurisdictional boundaries to ensure that trees in urbanized areas thrive, grow to full maturity and provide the maximum benefit to our communities.

Best Practices for Urban Trees 

Regional Fruit and Vegetable Plant List  

The intent of this list is to provide a single, region-wide reference for homeowners and community gardeners to select appropriate plants when planning out their gardens in the Las Vegas area. 

Fruit and Vegetable Plant List


Southern Nevada Water Authority Programs

The Water Smart Landscape rebate helps businesses and residents in Clark County convert water-thirsty grass to save water and money. The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) will rebate businesses and residences’ to replace grass with desert landscaping.



Regional Planning Work Programs

Renewable Energy & Climate Change: 
The Clark County Energy Element of the Comprehensive Plan provides a renewable energy blueprint that promotes education and the development of this emerging technology.  Up-to-date information on the implementation of solar energy development on public lands is available through http://blmsolar.anl.gov/.

The program also provides an inventory of the existing local energy supply and forecasts future needs and demands of electricity, natural gas, fuels and alternative and renewable sources of energy.  The goal of the Renewable Energy Program is to help Clark County in partnership with the Southern Nevada utilities providers to meet the current and future energy needs of its citizens in an efficient and sustainable manner. 


Regional Trail System:   Through the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition (SNRPC) Clark County works with the cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson in planning and building an extensive network of urban trails in the Las Vegas Valley.  This system creates a regional trails network with connections to local neighborhood trails.  Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition.


Clark County Park, Trails & Open Spaces:  The County’s Parks, Trails, and Open Space program is a part of the Comprehensive Plan. These programs have been ongoing and as a part of a regional effort to create sustainable communities.



Southern Nevada Strong

Southern Nevada Strong is a collaborative effort to create and sustain neighborhoods where residents can have access to quality education, a variety of housing choices, good-paying jobs and transportation options.

The goal is to empower people to create communities with different choices in education, housing, employment and transportation. ​



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