​​​​​​Town Advisory Board (TAB) and Citizen Advisory Council (CAC)​
Draft Advisory Reports​ 

The Town Advisory Board (TAB) and Citizen Advisory Council (CAC) information is provided as draft advisory information and is not intended or implied as final Board of County Commissioners or Planning Commission agenda information.  The information may be changed after this posting and is only provided as preliminary draft information.  The agenda that is provided is not in final order and will be finalized by the TAB/CAC secretary at their discretion. 

If you have questions pertaining to a specific write-up, please call 702-455-4314, Option 2, Option 1 to direct your question to a planner.

(Note: Only the most recent drafts are posted. Some of the TAB's and CAC's do not have recent information at this time. Once a draft has been posted it will remain in place unless a newer one replaces it.)

Rural Townships:


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