All evictions must begin with a NOTICE. There are several types of notices to choose from. You may not always be able to use the quickest notice available. You must choose one that applies to the situation. There are separate notices for manufactured homes and non-manufactured homes. 


What happens next?

You must wait the days specified for the particular notice that was served in order to file for the following step in the eviction process. The day of posting does not count. Some notices require a second notice to be served before filing for the eviction.

When you return to our office, you will be handed a copy of the notice(s) and will be instructed to take it to Justice Court to file for the Summary Eviction. Court requires that their paperwork be typed--Justice Court's filing fee is $71.00. After filing with the court, you will be handed an Instruction Sheet to fill out. You are to return to our office with the Instructions to the Constable cover sheet and pay our office for the lock-out. Notices expire after 30 days and will no longer be available for use on a particular eviction. 

What to expect after you file in Justice Court?

Once the order is signed by the judge, our office will receive the signed order and will assign it to a deputy. The notice will be posted the next business day and we will execute the lock-out for that property the following business day. It is advised that the locks be changed in the presence of the deputy at the time of the lock-out. However, if you opt not to change the locks, you assume all liability as a result. If you need assistance in contacting a locksmith, our deputies can assist.

If the tenant contests the notice, Justice Court will contact you. If you have questions regarding this matter, contact Justice Court (702-455-7980).

When the deputy calls to schedule the lock-out, inform him that the tenant has paid and no eviction will be necessary. Our office cannot accept cancellations of evictions over the telephone. please contact the Constable's Office for further instruction.

*After reading the above information, if you are still unsure how to proceed, you may contact an attorney for legal advice.










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