Companies interested in doing business with Clark County are required to register their firms in a new online database established by the Purchasing and Contracts Division.  

The online supplier registration database allows business users to create a password and update information about their company as regularly as needed. All firms are required to register at the new online site to receive bid notices about new business opportunities with the County, even if they have registered as suppliers in the past with the Purchasing Division.  

More than 4,000 companies are now registered in the Division’s database, including professional services firms, construction companies and suppliers. The database allows potential suppliers and contractors to keep us informed of any changes to their contact information or new areas of interest or expertise.  

Meanwhile, the County also began using Twitter to announce contracting opportunities. Those who are interested in tracking County contracting opportunities may simply sign up for Twitter at no cost and then “follow” the County's contracting Twitter feed, which can be found at  

This means anyone interested in bidding on County projects can quickly see what opportunities exist.

Last modified at 11/10/2010 8:01 by Bradley Mach