Code Enforcement

Clark County Development Services and Public Response offices are committed to ensuring that all residential and commercial building construction complies with the Building and Zoning Codes for Clark County, as well as providing enforcement regarding Neighborhood code violations.     

Code compliance is of prime importance to ensure public safety and security in any structure, building, or neighborhood.  Violations to these codes should be immediately brought to the County‚Äôs attention. 

Such violations would include but are not limited to:



Work being done without permit Junk, trash, debris, overgrown or dead vegetation
Unsafe structure caused by fire damage Graffiti
Property abandonment causing unsafe structure Unauthorized posting of signs
Electrical hazard Vehicle storage on residential property

All complaints are acted on by experienced inspectors or code enforcement officers. Once complaints are validated, violations are issued requiring corrective action. Complaint cases are monitored by our staff until they are found to be in compliance, and then the cases are closed. 

More information on filing a complaint can be found on our Development Services website.

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