Amphitheater Specifications

Seating Capacity: 2,500-3,000 (including upper sidewalk) lawn seating.

Parking: Approximately 1,300 spaces.

Fence: Must be rented if needed.

Electricity: 110 outlets are on one 20 amp breaker. Any large power usage will require supplemental generator.

Stage: 50 diameter concrete slab, 4-post truss system with shade cover with 30x50 footprint. Speakers can be flown from truss.

Lighting: 48 Par can conventional lighting for a general wash is available.

Power for Stage: 200 amps, 3 phase for sound, 200 amps 3 phase for lights.

Two dressing rooms backstage, each with bathrooms (no showers).

Sound System: FOH Mixing

Console: Mackie SR40X8

Speaker Cabinets: 8 Frazier Speakers, 4 Subwoofers, QSC Power Amps, Stereo Compression for FOH, Tape and CD Playback System (no DAT). One Digital Reverb Unit (SPX 900). No onstage monitor system. Must be rented if needed. Can do fold back from FOH monitors (4 Community Wedges, QSC amps, Graphic EQ, providing a total of 3 mixes).

Restrooms: May need to rent portable facilities.

Rental Information: Information on availability and costs associated with renting the outdoor amphitheater can be obtained by emailing Brian Saliba. You may also view partial costs listings.

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