Amphitheater & Courtyard



The Amphitheater is 280 feet in diameter and located on an acre and a half of land. The grounds are capable of accommodating almost any type of major public gathering, theater or ceremony.   Within the larger setting of the desert, this protected zone of green forms an inviting refuge and garden. It is the one irrigated zone of lawn within the County complex. The Amphitheater is protected from wind and provides shade for activities, much like Mt. Charleston, the Toiyabe National Forest and Lake Mead offer citizens a place to escape the desert heat. The central Amphitheater represents the center of the community and public life, of openness and accessibility to all. View amphitheater specifications.


For more information on reserving the Amphitheater for an event, contact our Parks and Recreation Department.


The County Courtyard is the gathering place in the Government Center complex, shaded and protected by building walls that mimic the strata along ancient canyon walls. It is an oasis that harkens back to the traditional County courtyard setting. The shaded arcade completes the circular form of the buildings. Three rows of trees are aligned with columns to frame a sloped lawn leading down to an amphitheater. A centered, raised platform creates the stage for performances and public addresses.


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