Juvenile Justice Services

2018 Performance Summary

2018 Month-to-Month Performance Summary​​

The department’s role and mission is to hold juvenile offenders accountable for their behavior, while simultaneously assisting those offenders and their families by providing meaningful treatment, services, and programs. DJJS is a comprehensive public agency that performs more than the traditional juvenile justice functions of probation and detention. For delinquent youth who are 18 and under, the department provides services for intervention, guidance, detainment, treatment, counseling and accountability.

The Harbor​, the Juvenile Assessment Center, opened on October 17, 2016 and has provided services to over 4,400 youth and families. The mission of the Harbor is to provide a safe place for guidance and to be responsive to the well-being of youth, families, victims, and the Clark County community by providing meaningful services to youth and families to address their immediate needs. Various providers have partnered with the Harbor. The types of programming these providers offer include tutoring, mentoring, drug education, conflict resolution, anger control, social skills training, job skills development, counseling sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy, and a variety of other programs. Families can call the Harbor to schedule an appointment or agencies can send referrals to the Harbor's website. Law enforcement agencies can divert youth from Juvenile Justice by bringing youth directly to the Harbor. All services are free. 

The Harbor can provide a range of behavioral health services. These services consist of face-to-face interventions (e.g. individual counseling and psycho-educational programming), service linkage, as well as reducing behavioral health symptoms, substance use and/or abuse, personal distress, and stabilizing recipients and/or families to their highest level of functioning. Our services are strength-based and utilize the identified strengths and assets of each youth to address behavioral health symptoms. All youth are screened to identify any mental health and/or therapeutic needs.

For more information on the department and services provided, please visit Juvenile Justice Services

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