​Public Works

2019 Performance Summary

2018 Month-to-Month Performance Summary​​

The department delivers a wide range of services to the community that primarily involve the design, construction, inspection, and maintenance of essential infrastructure such as roadways, bridges, traffic control devices, flood control facilities, and trails for public use. Other services include the review, permitting, and inspection of off-site development and utility work, land survey, vector control to abate pests in public right-of-way, and Call Before You Dig to locate County facilities. In addition, the department manages newsr​acks along Las Vegas Boulevard and other County sidewalks as well as special event permits for activities that impact public roads and sidewalks such as films and marathons. The work is accomplished by the Director's Office administrative team and within the six divisions of the department: Construction Management, Design Engineering, Development Review, Roads (infrastructure maintenance), County Surveyor, and Traffic Management. 

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