Social Service

The department provides a variety of services for needy residents of Clark County who are not assisted by other state, federal or local programs. Social Service is responsible for ensuring that the County meets it health, welfare and community responsibilities as set forth in the Nevada Revised Statues and County Ordinances.  Services are primarily targeted for at risk county residents and the primary mandates are to provide financial (housing related), medical assistance, cremation/burial and transportation out of county. The agency also provides assistance with homemaker services, long-term care (group and skilled nursing facilities), insurance continuation (COBRA), medical outreach, information and referral, homeless intervention, and Ryan White grant administration.

To review the Community Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report, visit the Commun​ity Resources Management​​ website. For more information on the department and services provided, please visit Social Service. A month-to-month summary for 2016 is also available.

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