12/11/2017 - New Citizen's Access Portal More Efficient for Development, Business Community

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​​​A new website portal​, available to the public since Dec. 11 is designed to allow the development and business community to conduct more of its business with Clark County online.  

Users of the new Citizen's Access Portal will be able to submit permits and applications online, check the status of projects, track reviews, schedule inspections and pay application fees online. The County departments of Comprehensive Planning, Public Works – Development Review, and Building and Fire Prevention are tied into the system.

Information about how to navigate the portal​, including a video tutorial, is available on the County website. Users are encouraged to sign up for an account. The benefits of the portal, which replaces a system called Naviline, follow by department:

       Public Works – Development Review Division -- This division provides professional and technical engineering services for the planning and design of developers' off-site improvements to ensure that public infrastructure is built to County Code. The Division reviews plans, issues permits and inspects the construction of developer-funded roadways, drainage and traffic control improvements. The new Citizen's Access portal will allow you to begin the application process online and view project updates. While you are completing your construction application online, you can research land information data such as zoning classifications, flood zones, parcel information, past studies, offsite permits and other data.

       Building & Fire Prevention -- Normally, customers would need to come in to submit applications for permit or plans, take a number from our queuing system and wait to talk to one of our building or fire professionals. With our new system, customers will have the option to initiate all application types online.  We will continue to offer the same start-to-finish online permits such as water heaters and meter tag replacements and extend this service to our Fire Prevention Temporary Operational and Flow Test customer base. Once your online permit application is submitted, you can upload required documents for review by our Plans Exam professionals, and get real-time status or correction email notifications. Our new and improved ePlan system is fully integrated with our permit system and will enable various divisions within the department the capability of reviewing your electronic documents simultaneously, making reviews times faster.

       If at any time during your online application process you have questions, you will have the option to 'save it for later' and either give us a call for clarification, or come in to our office, where we can pick up where you left off. Staff has incorporated additional electronic payment options into most of our processes, allowing payment for re-inspection fees, TCO applications, overtime fees and more.  You will now have the ability to pay with credit cards, electronic checks or existing escrow accounts with shopping cart functionality.  You will also be able to make to deposits to existing escrow accounts online and view real-time account activity.

       Inspection scheduling will be similar to what is currently offered, with the additional convenience of scheduling multiple inspections on the same permit in a single transaction. One may still use our phone system or speak with staff to schedule. For our Special Inspection and Fabricator Program partners and customers, we will offer full-process automation, including apply for a new listing, maintain personnel, renew an existing listing, inspection results, payments and more. Fire Prevention Annual Operational Renewals will also be evolving into a more automated, self-service business model. Customers will be able to renew their annual permits online and receive automated email communications throughout the process. 

       Comprehensive Planning – In the future, the land use application process will begin by starting the application process online, then requesting an appointment through the Citizen's Access portal which will reduce the amount of time in our office. When implemented, the new portal will provide customers the ability to easily maintain account profile information and have the option to pay application fees online. Also, certain administrative applications may be accepted through the portal and whatever you don't finish online can be completed right here in our office.​


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