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Saturday, November 28, 2015
Election: Sample Ballots

Last Updated on March 19, 2015

Easier and Faster Voting

If you are currently registered, you may view and print your specific sample ballot from our website by logging-in to Registered Voter Services and selecting View My Sample Ballot from the dropdown menu.

Voting will be EASIER for you and FASTER for everyone if you study, mark and bring your sample ballot with you when you vote. Do not wait until you are in the voting booth to review the information.

When to Expect Your Sample Ballot

All active registered voters eligible to vote in a specific election are sent a sample ballot for every election before early voting begins. Sample ballots are NON-FORWARDABLE. If you move and do not notify the Election Department in writing of your new address by the registration deadline, you will not receive a sample ballot. Login to our Registered Voter Services and select Change My Address from the dropdown menu to complete and print a form to mail before the registration deadline.

What Your Sample Ballot Contains

Your Polling Place, Precinct, and Party
On the back cover, your polling place name and address is printed, along with an area map, your precinct number, and your political party (in Federal/State Primary Elections only). On Election Day at your assigned polling place, you must sign in at the table displaying your precinct number.

Early Voting Schedule
Find the dates, times and locations of early voting sites, open during a 14-day period before Election Day, in the front of your sample ballot.

Reproduction of Your Ballot
The contests and questions applicable to your precinct (and political party in federal/state primary elections) will appear in the order you will see them on your actual ballot.

Detailed Ballot Question Information
Each question will include a title, the full text, an explanation and arguments for and against it.

Voting Instructions
Sample ballots will have simple voting instructions for Clark County’s voting systems.


All sample ballots are printed in a large 14-point font. Federal law requires sample ballots to be available in English, Filipino (Tagalog), and Spanish.