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Thursday, November 26, 2015
Foster Care

Inspired by Children.  Committed to Families.  Defined by Love.

Its amazing what a life-changing moment it is for  you and a child when you choose to open your  heart  to a young person in need of a temporary  home! 

There are approximately 3,000 children in Clark  County foster care, from toddlers to  teenagers. Most of the children simply need a    place to reside temporarily before they are returned to their biological families. 

 For those children who can’t return home, adoption  provides them with a permanent family to call   their own.                                                

Foster and adoptive parents are a valuable resource for children, their biological families and the entire community.

What is foster care?

Foster parenting is about believing and investing in the future of a child and their biological family. Our foster and adoptive program is designed to provide temporary care of children who are unable to reside with their biological families. Children in foster care need strong and supportive caretakers who are willing to work with their biological families and the Department of Family Services to reunify them with their families.

To learn more about Clark County’s foster care program, we invite you to attend one of our foster care Information Sessions.   The information session is designed to provide you with what you need to know to assist you in making an informed decision about becoming a foster parent.  Additionally, upon your request we’ll gladly mail to you an information booklet that provides an overview of the County’s foster care program. 

To find out where the information sessions are held, 
send us an email or call us at (702) 455-0181.

The leading cause of death for babies in Clark County is accidental suffocation. From 2006 to 2011, 131 infants died in Clark County due to unsafe sleeping environments. The ABCs of safe sleeping remind us to let babies sleep Alone on their Backs in a Crib with no loose items to smother them. Watch this PSA and learn more about what you should do to keep your baby happy and healthy.
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Foster Care
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