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Thursday, March 5, 2015
Public Works

The Department of Public Works delivers a wide range of services to the community including the design, construction, inspection and maintenance of essential public infrastructure such as roadways, bridges, traffic control devices, flood control facilities and trails, for the safety of the public and for the proper stewardship of the revenues expended on infrastructure construction and maintenance.


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What's In The Works
In The Works
What's "In The Works" in the Department of Public Works --information on our road and transportation infrastructure projects.More Information
Traffic Control Plan | Encroachment Permit Review
TCP | EP How-To Guides, Requirements, and Daily Submittals.More Information
More than 20,000 cars travel through the intersection daily at Bermuda and Serene. Commissioners recently turned on a new traffic signal to increase safety at that intersection.
Service Spotlight
Fuel Revenue Indexing Projects
FRI Project List
Fuel Revenue Indexing Projects. Read More